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What is VOIP (Voice over IP)

By: Jack Claridge - Updated: 3 Nov 2020 | comments*Discuss
What Is Voip (voice Over Ip)

Advances in technology in the last few years have meant significant changes to the way in which companies and other organisations speak to us on the telephone. Indeed there are times when you may be speaking to an individual who may not be calling you from another telephone but may indeed be speaking to you over the Internet.

What is VOIP (Voice over IP)?

The simplest way to describe how VOIP (Voice over IP) works is to imagine that you are chatting with a friend over the Internet using an Instant Messaging program. These programs were the first to use VOIP (Voice over IP) commercially and it is the sending of audio over the Internet using headsets and microphones. In essence what happens is your voice is sent out over the Internet, converted into the language - or Internet Protocol - that your browser can understand and then it is converted back at the other end.

In recent years however this principle has been modified to allow Internet users to call landline and mobile telephones from computer terminals using VOIP (Voice over IP) technology.

What Are the Advantages to VOIP (Voice over IP)?

One of the biggest advantages to using VOIP (Voice over IP) is that now almost anyone can have access to it and make calls across the globe whilst incurring minimal costs. This is done in the way we have already mentioned and also applies to how businesses communicate with us and vice versa. It also means that companies in other countries can contact us without having to concern themselves too much with time delays.

If Someone Calls Me Using VOIP (Voice over IP) How Will I Know?

The truth is the technology has become so advanced and so widely available that you probably already spoken to someone using this technology without even noticing. VOIP (Voice over IP) uses a digital signal which is capable of being beamed around the world without distortion so almost anyone can use it without causing disruption to calls or distortion to sound quality.

Can I Save Money Using VOIP (Voice over IP)?

Again the answer is yes you can. Initially you may have a small outlay for the equipment - but again as the technology becomes more widely available the price becomes more competitive. You can now use certain Internet Messaging programs freely which do not incur charges when talking to someone using another computer. However there are charges incurred when calling landlines from your computer as well as mobiles. These charges however are minimal and you can buy credits to do so from a great many retailers.

Can I Send Pictures and Documents as Well?

Yes you can, again this is another advantage to using VOIP (Voice over IP). You can also store the conversations you have made or been involved in or record separate messages and attach them to Electronic mails. This is extremely useful for individuals who cannot type and want documents dictated at the other side.

I Don't Have the Internet, Can I Still Receive Calls Made Using VOIP (Voice over IP)?

Yes you can, as we have already mentioned the technology exists and is in use that allows companies to use VOIP (Voice over IP) to call landlines and mobiles without distorting sound or losing sound quality. The VOIP (Voice over IP) technology can also be linked to Account Management software so that tele-canvassers and call centre staff can automatically update their records as to calls made.

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This was very useful.ME UNDERSTAND the VOIP very well, thank you much much. Nigel
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